Benefit From 20+ Years of Practical Marketing Experience at your Company or University

”Gerardo’s presentation delivered both marketing expertise and energy to our MBA classroom. He resonated with our graduate students by weaving three interrelated topics linked with VALUE” – Larry Johnson, Army – Baylor
“I think Mr. Dada’s discussion on premium position strategies was my favorite guest speaker we have had thus far in my Baylor experience. In particular, I enjoyed how he highlighted the seven strategies to establish the premium position in the marketplace.”
“Mr. Dada was absolutely an amazing guest speaker. I was captivated by his presentation and completely in awe of the simplicity, yet efficacy, of many of the concepts he described.”
“We have had a slew of great guest speakers come to the program over the course of the past 2+ semesters, but, I have to say that I found the material that Mr. Dada presented, and the way that he presented it, to be the most interesting material covered.”


Recent Speaking Engagements

  • Austin Digital Marketing Summit – Building a Content Marketing Strategy
  • Web 2.0 – The Social Media Trilogy
  • American Marketing Association Mexico keynote at annual event  5 Rules for the Age of Digital Marketing
  • AMA Austin – Taking a premium Position in the Marketplace
  • AMA San Antonio – Marketing Strategy for International Expansion
  • University of Texas – The new Marketing Paradigm
  • Brand Innovators Austin –  Content Marketing in 2013
  • The Marketing Executive Panel
  • Lecture at Army-Baylor MBA program – the Realities of Marketing
  • Texas tech University (October 2013)


Speaking Topics

  • Marketing Strategy – Market Analysis, Competition, Segmentation and Targeting
  • Commodities and Value – Creating a Premium Position in the Market
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Cloud Computing
  • Product Marketing
  • Social Media, Influencer Marketing and
  • Building Communities


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